• The implementable comprehensive plan

    This site follows the development of Bethel Park's Comprehensive Plan, an official document that will establish a vision, priorities and an action plan for the municipality during the next 10 years. The plan will inform land use, development and budget decisions and capital improvements priorities, and it will form the basis for updates to the zoning ordinance and other local regulations. The planning process is organized into three major phases as described below.

    Community Snapshot

    Collecting context, laying the groundwork

    Background research will include GIS mapping of baseline conditions and changing trends, assessment of existing plans, data analysis and stakeholder interviews and focus groups.

    Visioning and Needs Assessment

    Building consensus

    Once the context starts taking shape, the second phase will involve working with the public and stakeholders to identify desired future conditions and key issues, collect data and comments to validate findings and select priorities.

    Implementation Plan

    Hitting the ground running

    This phase will deliver practical instructions for projects and initiatives to achieve the preferred community vision, including benchmarks and opinions of probable cost, funding sources, timelines, conceptual plans and partnerships.

  • why undertake a plan?

    An update to the Comprehensive Plan, last adopted in 2009, will allow Bethel Park to continue proactively charting a course for future stability and prosperity, providing a fact base to inform the location, timing and type of future development. Additionally, it will give local leaders a clear sense of direction based on robust community outreach. The PA Municipalities Planning Code requires that municipal comprehensive plans be reviewed at least every 10 years.


    The plan will result in practical strategies to address issues that the process determines will be critical to Bethel Park during the next 10 years, which may include traffic safety and efficiency, multi-modal transportation, cultivating a vibrant, walkable downtown or town center district, sustainable provision of high-quality public services and facilities, stormwater management strategies -- and/or whatever issues residents and business owners identify as being most important.


    Council has appointed a diverse Steering Committee to develop the plan with assistance from Mackin Engineering Company, a multi-disciplinary firm that was selected during a competitive bidding process. The Steering Committee's monthly meetings are open to the public. Upcoming dates appear on the calendar below. All residents and other stakeholders are strongly encouraged to participate in public outreach events, plan surveys, online discussions and other means of contributing and responding to plan ideas.


    The plan ultimately belongs to the community. Make sure your voice is heard.


    Check here for online surveys that will collect information on a variety of topics, both broad and specific.

    Survey results will be posted here when surveys close.

    Please take a few minutes to complete this follow-up survey, which further explores common themes from the Preliminary Survey results.

    The PDF linked here contains results of the project's first survey, which included broad questions intended to guide research efforts and help to identify local priorities.

  • Events Calendar

    Check here for details on Comprehensive Plan events.

    Town Hall Meeting

    Monday, October 15, 6:00 p.m.

    Council Chambers

    The Comprehensive Plan will be one of many local topics presented at this annual meeting, which features a question and answer session and the opportunity to meet staff. And refreshments! More info at this link.

    Monthly Steering Committee Meeting

    Monday, November 5, 6:00 p.m.

    Council Caucus Room

    The November regular meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will focus on analyzing public input and selecting priorities, as well as ongoing stakeholder outreach.

    Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

    Tuesday, November 27, 6:45 p.m.

    Community Center Multi-Purpose Room

    Information and surveys about the plan will be available at this festive family event.

  • Content Clearinghouse

    Check back to review plan documents as they are developed!

    October 18, 2018
    Follow this link to review the Town Hall presentation on the Comprehensive Plan, including results from live polling of the audience.
    October 2, 2018
    Planners asked attendees at the Community Day event on Saturday, September 29 to help craft a future vision for Bethel Park. Click here to see a PDF containing all of the ideas submitted!
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